More about Animation Studios

Animation- this is a process of creating the illusion of shape change and motion through the speedy display of a series of still images that are less different from each other.
The experts in the creation of the animation are known as animators.
Production Equipment Required in an Animation Studio
• Computer
• Projector
• Digital camera and other new technologies

Animation can be recorded through
• Analogue media for example; motion picture film, flip book or video tape
• Digital media with formats such as flash animation, digital video or animated GIF
Some of the top methods used in Animation Studio to create animation include;
• Traditional animation
• Stop motion animation of two and three dimensional objects

Benefits of Using the 3D Animation in Animation Studios
They Make Attention Grabbing Videos

Most people always avoid viewing most TV commercials since they consider them annoying and not appealing. Animated adverts are always vibrant and lively. They draw people’s attention despite their age therefore finding themselves watching the video and absorb the message.

It Is Cheaper
Companies using the animation studio for commercials always cut down on cost compared to live commercials. Fewer resources are needed for the animated advertisement in terms of location rent, production crew fees and celebrity fees.

It Gives a Complete Description
Animation studios usually have no limit on what to achieve. With computer animation, any process or perception that seems difficult can be easily visualized. Animation adverts can therefore be used for products that cannot be photographed.
Overcoming Time Barriers
The 3D animation is always used by architects and engineers for their projects. They always have a visual of the construction project even before it actually begins. Animations are therefore used to describe a company’s capability.

Choosing the best Animation Studio
When looking for an animation video for your company it is important to look at the various videos made by your chosen studio. Check on their work and see if they have what you would like for your commercial.
Do a price comparison on different studios and choose one that works within your budget.
The studio should keep you informed of the video’s progress within the production. You should be taken through each step from voiceovers to the story board. Make sure that everything goes as planned through frequent checks of the project.