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What Do They Do At An Animation Studio?

If you have ever seen an animated movie or television show, you have seen the work of an animation studio. These studios create cartoons and animations for film and television. Here are just a few of the things that go on at one of the studios:

Character Development

Animators are often responsible for developing new characters from the ground up. This means designing what the character is going to look like, how they will talk and move and what their voice will sound like. A lot of work goes into this step of the process to get the characters just right.


Perhaps the most obvious thing that they do at one of these studios is animation. This can range from hand-drawn animation that is compiled from a number of different images with slight variations between each image to computer animation, 3-d modeling or stop motion animation. The type of animation that is used depends largely upon the overall effect that they are going for with the show.

Background Development And Animation

Along with the main characters of the story, the background of the story also need to be flawless to create a noteworthy production. Most animation studios have people who are dedicated solely to working on the background of films and television shows. They help set the scene for the characters to interact in. Imagine what your favorite cartoons or animations would be like without the background scenery. It is pretty clear to see that this is an important part of the process.

These are just a few of the different things that they do at an animation studio. If you are interested in becoming an animator or learning more about what they do, most major studios offer behind-the-scenes tours to give you a peek into their process.